The Love Story

Philip J.W. Smith | Wedding Officiant

The Love Story

Philip J.W. Smith | Wedding Officiant

Your day. Your story. Your happily ever after.

Happy bride and groom with Philip JW Smith Officiant
Happy bride and groom with Philip JW Smith Officiant

Your day. Your story. Your happily ever after.

About Us

Philip Smith

So the time has come to get married and you want that to be a time of joy and happiness for yourselves and your guests... you want Phil ! 

It's All about the Smiles

If there is an opportunity to create a smile for you on your special day, Phil is going to find it ... and has for so many other couples since his first ceremony way back in the 90's! 

Happiness is the goal

And hundreds of couples have found their steps to happiness with Phil as their officiant ! 

What's a wedding without Phil?

An amazing wedding needs an awesome Officiant, and that's Phil!

What we offer for your special day


One on One service

Ours is a very personal option, and I will work with you to make sure that your ceremony is not just special, but it's the one that you want. 

The Sweet and Simple

This option is all about getting you married, whether at town hall, your own home, the spot you got engaged or wherever you like. It's a few people and your vows, and the start of your story. 

The Friends and Family

This option is the start to finish process of creating a day that's all about your story.  From the initial meeting to the rehearsal, the selection of your vows to the creation of your ceremony. This is the option for those times when you are sharing your day with all those with whom you want to write your story. 

Answers to The Questions People have asked

1.  Yes, I have married people before. (See the photographic proof above.)

2. Yes, I will wear a Hawaiian shirt to conduct your wedding.  

3. No, I don't have a costume from Game of Thrones, but if you rent me one, can I be Rob Stark?!

4. Certainly you can have your dog involved in the wedding, but should I bring a treat for them? 

5. I would love to help you blend your family into the story of your day, it's a favorite moment for me. 

6. Yes, I do have a mic stand; it's in my trunk if you would like to take a look. 

7. I will be there about 45 minutes prior to the wedding. 

8. No, you don't need to count me as a guest for your reception. You have fun and party the night away! 

9. Of course I love to make a wedding a time for laughter! 

My availability

I would love to be able to help you reach your goals for your special day, yet I am often booking into the next calendar year and beyond, so don't wait too long to make me part of your story. 

How we write the story


The initial meeting

Whether you choose the Sweet & Simple or the Friends & Family, this is the starting point for where we learn the details that make you and your day a special event, and it's part of every wedding we oversee. 

the Ceremony

The options are endless for what we say to get you to the place of being married, yet you have a big part it making them your own. We will provide you with a bunch of the options that will make your day a memorable tale. 

The Pre-wedding connection

Within a few weeks of the big day, we will connect again to follow up on all the details, get the paperwork in order and finalize what your ceremony will look like for the big day! 

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal is included in our Friends & Family option, and is where we get to connect with yourselves and those that will make your ceremony a special moment in this new chapter you are starting ... trust me, we always have fun at the rehearsal! 

The Wedding Day

The wedding day is one that we take great care to make as special as you imagined it to be, from our arrival about 45 mins before the ceremony begins, to our making sure we are familiar with all the other professionals you are involving in your day, to making sure that both Bride and Groom are being looked after before the moment. A ceremony is where it all comes together, where the fine points of all your hard work come to life, and the joy of Story is shared with those you love.

The Smile !

As you can probably tell already, I love a selfie with the happy couple, although, admittedly,  I am not the best at taking them (ahem, all thumbs!). I do love to share the moment that is the Smile!

Get in Touch

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Want Phil to help write your story?

I would be happy to be a part of your very special day, to help you make it as special as the love you share between each other and make it a memorable event for years to come .  Let's connect and see how we can create your story together. 

The Love story

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